Key Team Members

Lesa Young, LPCC, NCC

Lesa Young is a licensed professional clinical counselor and the clinical director of Counseling Partners of Kentucky, LLC as well as co-owner.  Born in Augsburg, Germany to her United States Army military parents, she has lived most of her life in Kentucky.  Lesa attended Eastern Kentucky University receiving her Bachelors in 1984 with a major/minor of English and Paralegal Science and returned to EKU to complete her Masters in Clinical Mental Health.

Lesa’s approach to therapy is person centered.  The foundation of her practice lies upon truth where Clients come to find “truth in the room” about themselves, their lives, and their hopes.  Her goal is to provide a safe and welcoming place where individuals can come and process through issues causing them to struggle in life.  Further, her aim is to partner with individuals as they work toward mental, emotional, and relational wellness, especially with themselves, but also their partners, families, and friends.

A strong foundation is important to therapy work and Lesa provides that foundation through her eclectic use of a mix of evidenced-based practices including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to achieve each client’s specific goals.

Lesa has advanced training in treating depression, anxiety, relationship issues, breakups/divorce, grief and loss, family issues, past traumas, chronic health-related problems, life transitions, low self-confidence, and in helping individuals overcome some of life’s toughest challenges.

She additionally has been departmentally certified by Eastern Kentucky University as a child centered play therapist and through the state of Kentucky as a Certified DUI Assessor and a Prime for Life Instructor.

Partnering with clients to help them grow to be their healthiest and best selves is a passion of Lesa’s.  She empowers her clients with the tools to become their authentic self and encourages personal growth with a goal of solving life problems.

“Truth in the room” means that you are able to come, lay down your struggles, identify them, name them, and then begin the process of removing them from your life or processing them in a way which enables you to become strong, resilient, and your best you.

Professional Credentials

  • Eastern Kentucky University, Bachelors of Arts, English and Paralegal Science
  • Eastern Kentucky University, Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Kentucky, License number 243349
  • Nationally Certified Counselor, National Board of Certified Counselors, number 758391
  • Kentucky State Certified DUI Assessor, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, exp. 2019
  • Prime for Life Provider, Kentucky Division of Behavioral Health, exp. 2021
  • Child Centered Play Therapist, Eastern Kentucky University Departmental Certification, 2016-current
  • Gottman Certified Marriage Counselor (in process)
  • SYMBIS Certified Provider (in process)
  • Recipient of the Kentucky Counseling Association, Dr. Bill Braden Mentoring Leadership Academy, Mentee/Karen Cook, KCA Executive Director/Mentor (2017-18)

Ian Young

Ian Young is co-owner and managing partner of Counseling Partners of Kentucky, LLC.  Ian attended Western Kentucky University earning degrees in Biology and Agriculture and has spent the past thirty-eight years supervising and managing federal employees, most recently overseeing nineteen Kentucky counties.

Ian believes a fundamental part of managing the operations of Counseling Partners of Kentucky, LLC is respect and partnership.  As our name implies, providing quality therapy services has at its foundation partnering together with our staff and providing them the support and tools they need so they, in turn, can partner with their clients for mental wellness.  It is Ian’s goal to foster healthy relationships within our agency and wellness opportunities with our agency to our clients, their families, and our community.

Ian is certified by the Kentucky Division of Behavorial Health to provide the Prime for Life Education Program which is an educational program for individuals receiving DUIs.

Gina Turner, LPCC

Gina Turner is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She was raised in Northern Kentucky and has lived most of her life in Kentucky. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northern Kentucky University in 2009, and then went to the School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute in Springfrield, Missouri to receive a Master’s in Counseling Psychology in 2011.

Gina enjoys working with adults, children, and teenagers. She loves learning about people and has an eclectic person-centered approach. She believes that partnering with clients to find their own solutions is an integral part of helping her clients grow and bring about real change in their lives. She also enjoys using a cognitive behavioral approach, focusing on helping clients to identify and change errors in their thinking that cause them to have problems. Other techniques Gina uses include mindfulness techniques and solution-focused therapy.

Gina’s strongest focus is on addiction treatment and helping client’s to process trauma history. She is certified as a DUI Assessor and has worked in DUI programs for 4 years. She has extensive background working with individuals with various addictions as well as domestic violence and abuse. She feels that uncovering and bringing these types of issues to light helps individuals to heal from their past and build a more positive future.

Gina Turner, MA, LPCA

Alison Winger, LPCA

Alison Winger was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky.  After graduating from Henry Clay High School, she moved to Massachusetts to attend Smith College, where she received a BA in Psychology.  After graduating from Smith College, she worked in a University of Kentucky neuroscience lab studying traumatic brain injury and nicotine use.   She attended Lindsey Wilson College Professional School of Counseling and received a Master’s in Counseling and Human Development with an emphasis on mental health treatment in 2018.  Alison enjoys working with all populations and utilizes techniques rooted in cognitive therapy and mindfulness to help people achieve their full potential.  During her free time, Alison enjoys hiking at the Red River Gorge with her dog and fiance.  She has a lifelong passion for reading and enjoys perusing the local used bookstores for hidden gems.  She is thrilled to be a part of Counseling Partners and is passionate about helping the community of Georgetown, Kentucky.

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