Couples/Marriage Counseling

Now, more than ever, it is challenging to have and foster healthy relationships.  So many life pressures put strain on our marriages, partnerships, and couple relationships and the end result can be the very relationship we most want to be loving and kind ends up being the source of our greatest pain and sorrow.  Sometimes, the pain is too great, and the relationship ends when what we really want is a relationship which is our greatest joy and inspiration for our life.

Couples/Partner/Marriage counseling is a type of counseling where you are provided a safe space to individually and as couple share your “truth in the room”.  When individuals can share their personal truth, a real opportunity for building a healthy foundation is made possible.

Distance isn’t a big factor in a relationship, communication is.  But most of all, commitment is the most important one.

At the initiation of joint therapy, we frequently will complete different assessments to initiate the process of identifying issues which are the root of the relationship problem.  It is then that we partner with you to identify, name, and process those negative factors which are causing harm to your bond and turn those around so they become your relationship’s greatest strengths.

Sometimes, your greatest efforts are not enough to heal a broken relationship and separation or divorce is the path you chose.  If that should occur, we offer objective assistance in communicating and processing your efforts with a goal of facilitating amiable separations.  Even when a relationship ends, there is opportunity for both individuals to grow and support positive communication, healthy boundary setting, and positive parenting.

Couples Counseling Sessions typically last 45-55 minutes with individual and couple’s goals discussed in session and worked on out of session.  Having a space where both can be honest in their sharing and receiving of information is one of the most important aspects of couples counseling.  Finding that sweet spot of “truth in the room” with a goal of sharing for growth and intimacy is key to a healthy and enduring friendship and relationship.