There are generally two different types of therapists. One chooses to specialize in a particular area of therapy such as substance abuse or relationship counseling. The other chooses to be more generalized seeking work with a broad spectrum of clients.

Counseling Partners has chosen to be a general therapy provider.

This is largely due to the smaller size of our community and the varied needs we see in our clients. Initially, we saw clients in the school environment working with students who struggled with anxiety, depression and self-harming behaviors. This work led to the realization that families of those students were struggling, so we expanded our therapy practice to family, marriage, couples, and relationship counseling. The more we worked with families, the more it became apparent the need for training in substance abuse including alcohol, prescription medicines as well as illegal substances.

Very quickly, we understood that to best serve our community and its members, we needed to be skilled in the foundational therapy needs we were seeing presented in our office.